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The Wellness Recovery Action Plan or WRAP, is a self-designed prevention and wellness tool that you can use to get well, and stay well. WRAP is for anyone, any time, and for any of life's challenges. Read More . . .

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WRAP 20th Birthday Celebration Webinar Recap


Amanda Aykanian,  WRAP Social Media Manager, Advocates for Human Potential, Inc

Amanda Aykanian,
WRAP Social Media Manager, Advocates for Human Potential, Inc

Last Friday, AHP and the Copeland Center co-hosted a webinar to celebrate WRAP’s 20th birthday. I attended this webinar as AHP’s WRAP social media manager, and also as someone fairly new to the broader WRAP community. The experience was educational, and it was inspiring to hear about WRAP through the voices of its earliest and most ardent supporters.


Spring Cleaning Your WRAP

By Sarah Lynn, MA

I adore spring! It signals a time of renewal and growth, and it fills the world with beauty and color. Seeds that germinated all winter burst out of their dark, protective layer of winter’s hard dirt and begin to bloom. This year, when I saw the first daffodils pop up after a long and snowy winter, I realized that for us to grow, we often must push out of the safe darkness into the unknown.

Watching the spring blossoms made me question which aspects of myself I still keep under a protective layer. In finding new ways to grow and take care of myself, I can expand my Wellness Toolbox.


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