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The Wellness Recovery Action Plan or WRAP, is a self-designed prevention and wellness tool that you can use to get well, and stay well. WRAP is for anyone, any time, and for any of life's challenges. Read More . . .

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Saying “Yes” to WRAP and to Life


Carol Bailey Floyd, Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator,  Akron, OH

I’ve often said that when WRAP is the question, “yes” is the answer. WRAP has taken me across Ohio, around the country, and home again. In the process, I’ve learned that approaching life in a spirit of “yes,” with WRAP as a guide, opens possibilities available to anyone, at any age, anytime, and anywhere.

I first learned about WRAP at a Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance conference in 2002 and soon after signed up for my first workshop. Within the first 15 minutes of that workshop, I knew that WRAP was going to be life-changing for me and knew I also wanted to learn how to share it with others. Anytime I heard about an available WRAP training or workshop, I jumped at the chance. It just made so much sense and was a natural fit for daily living.

At that first workshop, I turned a corner in my life when I created the “What I’m Like When I’m Well” portion of my WRAP. I thought, Wow, I’m not defective, and nobody else is either! The list that describes ...


The Future of WRAP® and Recovery Books Communication: What Do YOU Think?

As Advocates for Human Potential, Inc. (AHP) makes plans for communicating about WRAP® and Recovery Books through the weekly newsletter and other information-sharing methods, we would like to involve you, readers, practitioners, and trainers of WRAP, as much as possible. Mary Ellen Copeland has invested much time and energy into developing the WRAP and Recovery Update newsletter and other communication channels for sharing ideas, stories, and recommendations about WRAP and recovery every week, and we want to make sure we continue to provide valuable information and respond to your interests and concerns. 

To help us shape the WRAP newsletter, website, and social media spaces, we invite you to provide your feedback through this short survey:  WRAP and Recovery Books Communication Survey 

The survey should take fewer than 10 minutes to complete. The deadline for completion is October 15, 2016.

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