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What is a Wellness Recovery Action Plan® (WRAP®) and how do I use it?

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan®, or WRAP®, is an evidence based practice that is used world-wide by people who are dealing with mental health challenges as well as medical conditions. Diabetes, weight gain, pain management, addictions, smoking, and trauma are just some of the many life challenges that can benefit from WRAP. WRAP can also be used as a framework to guide relationships in peer support, recovery groups, agencies, and organizations.

WRAP is being used in schools, prisons, hospitals, and veterans’ facilities. It is used with people of all ages who want to attain the highest possible level of wellness. It was originally developed by a group of people who lived with mental health difficulties and were searching for ways to resolve their wellness issues. WRAP was their answer, and it can be used by anyone looking to develop a plan to manage a path to wellness.

WRAP involves listing your personal resources, your Wellness Tools, and then using those resources to develop an Action Plan to use in specific situations which you determine. WRAP is adaptable for any situation and can include a Crisis Plan or Advance Directive.

WRAP is for Life! – It is for everyone, anytime, and for any of life's challenges.

 WRAP Overview                              

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­­Wellness Tools I Can Always Count On

Gina Calhoun, training director for the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery has worked with a group of amazing people with lived experience to develop WRAP for People with Developmental Distinctions. She has continued to work with this same group to develop a training curriculum for people who want to facilitate WRAP groups for people with developmental distinctions. She has done an extraordinary job. All of us can benefit from her learning.

The people she has been working with have a great idea about Wellness Tools that I want to share with you. I am going to use this idea myself. They have divided their list of Wellness Tools into two categories. One they call “Wellness Tools I Can Always Count On”. (Some people call these Power Tools but others, thinking of things like power saws and power drills, did not like the designation). The other is a list of tools that work most of the time but not always. That list would be called just “Wellness Tools”.

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App-Solutely for You

The newly updated WRAP App is now available! This gives you the ability to access your WRAP anytime, anywhere, in a quick and convenient way.

With the WRAP App, you can create your entire plan in an easy to review digital format. It walks you through setting up your WRAP by following the straightforward prompts and guides you in using your WRAP day to day.  

Want to share your WRAP with someone else? You choose whether to send a portion of your WRAP or the entire plan to whomever you wish. This can be a helpful tool for your supporters to reference when assistance is needed.

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Mary Ellen Copeland and her staff cannot address personal mental health problems and issues. We care very much about your concerns but we must focus our efforts on education and resource development. For more information on how to get help for yourself or the people you are supporting, please use the resources on this website.

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