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The Wellness Recovery Action Plan or WRAP, is a self-designed prevention and wellness tool that you can use to get well, and stay well. WRAP is for anyone, any time, and for any of life's challenges. Read More . . .

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Education for Life: Creating Your Informed WRAP

WRAP Education

When you are dealing with challenges in your own life, educate yourself about the possible causes of these issues, and what can be done to relieve and eliminate them. Begin by identifying issues you want to work on. Then use the ideas in this article to educate yourself about the issue.

It used to be assumed that people who were having challenges in their lives could not help themselves, and that we needed to follow directives from authority figures.  Now we know that it is not true.  Everyone can learn and benefit from that learning. And we need to make good decisions for ourselves based on good information.  Read More about Education for Life. . .