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The Wellness Recovery Action Plan or WRAP, is a self-designed prevention and wellness tool that you can use to get well, and stay well. WRAP is for anyone, any time, and for any of life's challenges. Read More . . .

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The Passion and Purpose of Wrap

This week, we continue introducing you to Advocates for Human Potential (AHP) staff who have both a personal and professional history with, and a commitment to, WRAP and its role in recovery. Today, Melody Riefer shares her thoughts about what makes WRAP work.

Melody Riefer, M.S.W. Senior Program Manager Advocates for Human Potential, Inc.

Melody Riefer, M.S.W.
Senior Program Manager
Advocates for Human Potential, Inc.

I am completely, absolutely, and utterly driven by passion: the passion to learn, as Mary Ellen Copeland spent her life doing, how we can take charge of our lives. Yet over the years, I’ve learned to temper my passion with knowledge—of implementation science, of the importance of fidelity, of marrying data with storytelling. That’s why I’m passionate about ensuring WRAP is taught with fidelity to the model developed so many years ago by people just like Mary Ellen and me, people who wanted to know, “What do we need to do to be well?”

Finding the Seeds of Hope

It was that very question that drove me to become the founding director of a peer center ...

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Old Friends, New Directions

Advocates for Human Potential, Inc., (AHP) has newly acquired WRAP (see Mary Ellen’s Reflections, Part IV), but we have a long history with Mary Ellen, with WRAP, and with recovery. Over the next several weeks, we will introduce you to some AHP staff for whom WRAP has been instrumental to their personal and professional growth. We begin with reflections from Laurie Curtis, a long-time collaborator and friend of Mary Ellen’s.

Laurie Curtis, M.A., CPRP Senior Program Manager Advocates for Human Potential, Inc.

 Mary Ellen Copeland will be the first person to tell you that she didn’t create WRAP and it doesn’t belong to her. WRAP was first developed by those hardy souls who gathered in 1997 in the middle of a Vermont winter. WRAP belongs to these pioneers, and it belongs to all of you—the hardy souls who use WRAP to help live every day with good health, integrity, and a sense of purpose.

I’ve known Mary Ellen for more than 25 years. We both live in Vermont, where we share a passion for gardening, lived experience with mental health recovery, and a dedication to helping people find ways to move forward with their lives. 

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