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The Power of Reconnecting with Community

By Kristen King, M.P.S., CVEP, Manager, Virtual Solutions, Advocates for Human Potenital, Inc.

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to attend the Copeland Center’s Mentoring for Re-Entering Summit in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Although I’ve been a fan of WRAP for many years, this was my first Copeland Center event. When I first sat down to write this article, I planned to talk about the content of the event, which was truly inspiring. But that didn’t work. Every attempt fell flat. And when I started trying to figure out why, I realized I was talking about the wrong thing entirely. The real story I need to tell about the Summit is the profound sense of community I experienced at this event.

It started in the parking lot when I arrived at the hotel. A familiar-looking stranger with a familiar-sounding voice greeted me and offered to help with my suitcase—which was great because it weighed a ton...


Free Upcoming Webinar: WRAP for the Holidays with Mary Ellen Copeland

Mary Ellen Copeland will present a free webinar on “WRAP for the Holidays,” hosted by the Copeland Center on Thursday, December 15, 2016, at 1 p.m. EST. Mary Ellen is looking forward to the event and sharing on this topic. As she explains it:

The media presents this as a time of great joyfulness for all. And yet many of us, perhaps even most of us, go into the holiday season with a sense of dread, anticipating loneliness, disappointment, and reminders of past hurts. In the past, the holidays have been difficult for me. One year, I decided to ignore them altogether, did not engage in any of the festivities, and rejected overtures from family members and friends. I spent the time alone. I thought it would feel good and right, but it didn’t. It felt awful, like a terrible waste.



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