Build Your Own WRAP and WRAP Courses

Build Your Own WRAP

Why build your own WRAP online?

It’s easy, quick, and convenient.

BYOWInstructpageWith Build Your Own WRAP, you get a program tutorial – It’s like having someone personally walk you through each step, while providing ideas and examples.

When you build your WRAP online, you’ll see clear and easy ways to:

Get more information – Depending on what section you’re in, you’ll get a window with a simple explanation.

See examples of what others have included in their WRAP.

ideasHaving trouble creating some Wellness Tools?
Click the “Ideas” icon to see samples.



Ready to enter something in your online WRAP?
Click the picture of the red book on any page to work on your WRAP.


Even if you already have a WRAP, but aren’t ready for the App, making changes on paper can be cumbersome. Mary Ellen has a version of her WRAP online and loves the convenience of it.

WRAP online organizes everything for you!

More Benefits:

  • Access your WRAP from anywhere – all you need is an internet connection
  • Print out your WRAP
  • Email your WRAP to others
  • Add new ideas quickly and easily as you think of them

Start today!

Develop your own personal WRAP online. Each section is clearly explained as you create your personal and private WRAP that can be accessed at any time. You can change it whenever you want and e-mail it to anyone you choose – even yourself. This course is user friendly and easy to navigate. Even if you already have a WRAP, you can use this program to revise it and incorporate new ideas and your changing life circumstances.

One Time Fee – $10

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WRAP Courses

Mary Ellen Copeland and Relias Academy have partnered to create online courses for mental health recovery and WRAP. These interactive courses are designed to increase your knowledge about mental health recovery and to introduce you to new, exciting skills and strategies. You can take these courses at your own pace and at the times most convenient to you.

To read more about our E-Learning courses and to view all available options, visit the WRAP CE Tracker site.

The courses are useful for everyone – whether new to WRAP or as well versed as a seasoned facilitators. They provide excellent supplemental knowledge for individuals, supporters, and people who are leading WRAP groups. However, these courses do not take the place of Mental Health and WRAP training – which is available through The Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery.

Available Now!

(Click on titles to see full course descriptions)

Most courses are accredited for professional continuing education.

These courses are particularly good if you are:

  • Working on your recovery from mental health difficulties and/or other health and life issues
  • Wanting to prevent the possible onset of health problems or if you are working to deal with issues in your life
  • A peer support worker or work in a peer support center
  • A family member, friend and/or a supporter to a person who is working on developing their own personal WRAP
  • An advocate for people who are working to develop a WRAP
  • A mental health recovery and WRAP group facilitator
  • Interested in being a mental health recovery and WRAP facilitator
  • A clinician or care provider
  • An agency or organization that provides services to those who want to develop a WRAP
  • Interested in prevention and systems for addressing life issues, mental health recovery and WRAP

These courses are not a substitute for the 40 hour WRAP Facilitator Training and do not qualify people for WRAP Facilitator Certification.

It is not possible to get certified as a WRAP Facilitator without attending a 40 hour WRAP Facilitator Training with a qualified Copeland Center Advanced Facilitator. For more information on WRAP facilitator training go to WRAP Facilitator Certification.