Mary Ellen Copeland

WRAP Around the World Keynote Address by Mary Ellen Copeland

In her keynote address, Dr. Copeland described her work with Shery Mead, developer of Intentional Peer Support, the peer support model that many consider to be the “gold standard” of peer support. For many months prior to the conference, Mary Ellen and Shery had been working together to figure out how the evidence-based WRAP® model […]

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2015 WRAP Around the World Conference

WRAP Went to Washington! The WRAP Around the World 2015 Conference was held in Washington DC The Copeland Center held a grassroots conference that included 3 days of powerful sessions that brought together the WRAP community! Keynote Address by Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD Mary Ellen Copeland is an author, educator and mental health recovery advocate. […]

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Have You Visited Our WRAP Share Website?

Looking for inspiration? Wondering whether others have traveled a similar journey? Read the stories such as these about how WRAP has helped others: “WRAP has helped me by making me aware that I need to manage my health. It has made me aware that I do not have to suffer alone, and that I can […]

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Genki-Cho – Japanese Kids’ WRAP workbook

“Genki-Cho,” which means “get energized” in Japanese, is a new Japanese Kids’ WRAP workbook that is the collaboration of a WRAP committee led by Eri Kuno and Takako Ueda, and with the enthusiastic approval of Mary Ellen Copeland. Eri is an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator who has spearheaded WRAP initiatives across Japan. Takako is a WRAP Facilitator […]

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