Getting Out of the Hardest Times

We recently posed the following question on Facebook: “What do you do to get yourself out of the hardest times?

Thank you all for weighing in to share what works for you. Hopefully reading the responses from others can help you during some of your most difficult times. Looking to share your story?
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Art. I like to make cards with quotes and flowers. Coloring helps me get out of my head and brings me peace.

Wait!Help for a Hard Time

Write poetry.

Rest my head in many ways…Find solace in nature.

Pray and talk to my husband and go to my psychiatrist.

Look back at what else I have beaten and got through the other end and survived.


Listen to music, and think about all the good that is yet to come.

Take a shower, read a book, go outside, pet my cats & dogs, listen to music, dance, draw, write about it, watch good television, call a friend.

Turn to my wellness toolbox and meditate and refocus.

Try to stay positive, work on my wrap, listen to upbeat music, take photos.

Talk to supporters.

Patience and persistence. Never lose sight of who you are.

Review my WRAP and make sure I am using all of my tools from my Wellness Toolbox.

Make music, food, poems, love, etc. I just make sure I make … something.

Sew and crochet.

Do something. Anything. Just move.

Talk to supporters.

I allow time to acknowledge and honor the situation and feelings from the hard time. This is how I start to begin to ‘peel apart the triggers’ and begin to take control and try to understand why it was a hard situation for me.

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