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In 1994, I wrote the book, Living Without Depression and Manic Depression. It was based on a study I did of the skills and strategies of people who have gotten well and stayed well over time. This was at a time when recovery from mental health issues was not even considered to be possible. The book had a really long run with the publisher, 16 years.

Now recovery is a word that is used in mental health all the time. But I didn’t want this book with all its great information to cease to be. It was too important to too many people. It led many, many people out of the depths of despair into a rich and rewarding life. So I added lots of information on WRAP and called it WRAP Plus.

WRAP Plus is an extensive enhancement of the original book that includes my findings about mental health recovery and WRAP since then. This book includes intensive instructions-not found anywhere else-on how to develop a WRAP that will work for you, and how to "live WRAP" on a day-to-day basis. Filled with new ideas for successfully developing, using and updating the popular Wellness Recovery Action Plan for prevention, recovery and wellness, this book includes stories from those who are living WRAP to stay well and are learning to anticipate and address life’s hurdles. This is a required text for the Copeland Center's Mental Health Recovery and WRAP Correspondence Course.  For more information go to www.copelandcenter.com.