WRAP Around the World Keynote Address by Mary Ellen Copeland

MEC-400In her keynote address, Dr. Copeland described her work with Shery Mead, developer of Intentional Peer Support, the peer support model that many consider to be the “gold standard” of peer support. For many months prior to the conference, Mary Ellen and Shery had been working together to figure out how the evidence-based WRAP® model and Intentional Peer Support can be used, both by people working together to develop their WRAP (one or several people) and in WRAP groups, to enhance the power and effectiveness of WRAP while building mutual, sustaining relationships and strong communities. The findings of this important work is now available in the WRAP and Peer Support Handbook.

This presentation was filled with rich examples from numerous role-plays, input from people who already use WRAP and Intentional Peer Support, and from Mary Ellen and Shery’s own lived experience, as they worked to test strategies they felt would be successful for people with all kinds of life challenges. The specifics of WRAP® and the Principles and Tasks of Intentional Peer Support were woven throughout this engaging presentation. What they have “learned” is a “game changer” for everyone. This presentation left the audience wanting more, and anxious to try these ideas and methods.

WRAP and Recovery Books had WRAP materials available for purchase at the conference.

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