End of School Bundle

Our End of School Bundle Includes: A WRAP Workbook for Kids ($14.95), Youth WRAP ($10) and Family WRAP ($14.95). If purchased separately, the price would be $39.90 – Regular bundle price is $36, Buy the bundle and SAVE! Now Extended through July – get it for only $29.95! Family WRAP As individuals around the world […]

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Webinar: Living WRAP and Peer Support

In this webinar, based on Chapter 16 of the WRAP and Peer Support Handbook Dr. Copeland: Discusses the challenges inherent in living WRAP day-to-day Describes various strategies for overcoming these challenges using Peer Support Shares some of the many ways that people are using technology for WRAP and Peer Support

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Mary Ellen Copeland Facebook

Social Media for Support

With all the social media outlets and tech devices available today, peer support has evolved far beyond 1-on-1 personal interactions. I recently posed the following question on our Mary Ellen Copeland  – Mental Health Recovery & WRAP Facebook account: Do you use electronic technology or social media for support? Things like Facebook, Skype and Ichat. Any electronic media at all? […]

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Help for a Hard Time

Getting Out of the Hardest Times

We recently posed the following question on Facebook: “What do you do to get yourself out of the hardest times? Thank you all for weighing in to share what works for you. Hopefully reading the responses from others can help you during some of your most difficult times. Looking to share your story? Join the […]

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Mary Ellen Copeland

WRAP Around the World Keynote Address by Mary Ellen Copeland

In her keynote address, Dr. Copeland described her work with Shery Mead, developer of Intentional Peer Support, the peer support model that many consider to be the “gold standard” of peer support. For many months prior to the conference, Mary Ellen and Shery had been working together to figure out how the evidence-based WRAP® model […]

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