Appendix E: Additional Quotes from Survey Participants

Answers to the question, “Overall, how do you feel about your life?”

I am pretty satisfied with a lot of the parts of my life. I am finally recovering and each success is something I can build on. I see in how many ways I have greatly improved-self-esteem is one. I am willing to believe some good things about myself, and willing to believe that my life can be better and I can be happy. I am doing art, music, teaching and other things I enjoy. I have struggles with symptoms still. I feel I am beginning to understand how to manage the symptoms of depression and mania through this system – recognizing the early warning signs and strategies for dealing with them. The dissociative symptoms are more elusive, but I feel I am working on them in an ongoing process. The difficulties are in the areas of improving my support system, improving my living space and working more on limits and boundaries.

I feel like I can take control over my life after drawing up a WRAP & putting it to use. I feel good about my life. I feel positive about completing this 13 week workshop. I feel a real sense of accomplishment. I am looking forward to developing my WRAP plan in January.

I am hopeful about recovery to a point where I feel strong again and positive about the way I live my life – that I am in an in-between place right now where I am building my strength and getting signs and information about how to proceed from here; but the way is still not clear or definite, so I am not completely hopeful yet – only part way there.

Going through some big personal transitions right now so at times I feel very vulnerable to stress. However if I use some skills acquired in this class and other life skills I have I know I will get through this passage.

I believe I am heading in the right direction in terms of alcohol recovery and mental illness recovery. I can now see myself working toward what I would like to do in the future.

Sometimes I feel down and devastated, other times I feel hopeless, sleepy, weepy and not able to function. Then I talk to people, listen to music, eat healthy and relax, exercise, work and I begin to feel and look better.

I now feel good about whole again. I am thinking positive again.

I feel I am on the way to healing from my emotional problems. That I am able to deal better with my symptoms so I do not go into a serious crisis.

Answers to the question, “How has this course impacted on your life?”

Made wonderful new friends, new coping skills, enjoyed [the trainers] immensely, know other suffer as I have suffered.

It has helped personally and professionally. I’m going to a rural mental health conference in July and I feel prepared to learn more. I am particularly interested in working with families where the parents struggle with mental health symptoms.

Have tools to deal with triggers, happy with power of attorney, going to support group.

Learned more skills & know there are others trying to do the same.

Made me think differently about thinking ahead in terms of taking care of myself and advocating for myself, plus just something new.

Given me increased self-esteem & confidence in my skills.

Will help to increase my ability to help clients.

Can now see that recovery is possible and that the tools learned in this course can help in the recovery process.

Helpful in reviewing basic recovery skills, hearing view points of others, having professionals in audience. Very helpful. Excellent presentation.

As I said positive, very meaningful, and opened my eyes to the challenges of a hopeful recovery.

It has given me hope & information to develop my WRAP plan. I feel with this time I have (or hope to have) my control over my health & life. It has been a very positive experience for me. I am grateful to those who have provided this opportunity for me.

Provided me with some useful tools I could use in my everyday life.

Gave me tools I was never taught – very excited! – also want more. I will join support group & would like to connect with _____ to see what sources are available for me to be involved in. I was an incest survivor & currently in abusive marriage – 27 yrs. Lost my physical health due to stress & very depressed. Lost who I was through therapy & illness & just learning new skills to learn to like myself. Would like to work & maybe teach to help others but need more help.

It’s given me some good tools & common vocabulary for working with clients and some skills for carrying out WRAP. Thanks.

Helped me to focus on important things that had previously not seemed important (i.e. Not noticing when I am triggered (even mildly), not knowing what my warning signs are or not paying attention to them) also learned that I am not alone in feelings this way.

It has helped me gain skills that I can use to help my recovery.

I’ve become aware of other areas in my life that need attention. Physical/health needs to be paid more attention to. This course has reinforced the need for networking and just how important and valuable a kind word or a hug can be for me & others. I’ve become more aware of the importance and necessity of having input and control of when under stress. Being listened to honestly, not out of duty has also become clear to me. I better understand personal improvement and that I can bring about wellness through my personal efforts as well as help from all types of supports.

It has had a great impact on my life. It has helped me to organize my life more to make it easier to incorporate wellness. It has helped me to figure out ways to share these ideas with others.

I’ve gotten to know some really neat people. I’ve enjoyed listening to everyone’s story.

Being part of this group has been a very growing experience. Thank you!

Many ways – socially – met new & good people; knowledge – good organized reminders of how to deal with myself better; spiritually – more open to new ways to get in touch with my higher power, through myself and others. Thank you!

It has given me great tools to use in my personal life and my work. I have been reinforced in my belief that friends are our most important resource!

It has helped me out a lot and I know I am not alone. I enjoyed it a lot and get a lot of feedback.

You have helped me think more positively about myself.

It helped me realize how to control my illness a little more and realize how many supports I do have and how I can make myself better if I try my best each day.

It has given me support and a place to go to interact with people who have also suffered illnesses and get guidelines and assistance on how to recover.

It has impacted my life a great deal, now I need to put it to work. Thanks!

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