Facilitator Training Manual: Mental Health Recovery including WRAP Curriculum

Facilitator Training Manual_ThumbnailIn English, or in the newly available Spanish translation, this manual is the cornerstone of the Mental Health Recovery and WRAP program. It is designed for use by people who facilitate WRAP groups and is the text for five day WRAP facilitator certification training. It includes a CD-ROM of powerpoint slides, a DVD of video introductions with Mary Ellen Copeland, one WRAP book, and complete instructions for facilitating WRAP groups, workshops and seminars. For information on attending a training to receive mental health recovery and WRAP facilitation certification, go to www.copelandcenter.com .

This revised manual  [ 2012 ] can be used by anyone who is familiar with Mary Ellen’s Mental Health Recovery work, including her focus on Wellness Recovery Action Planning. It includes two completely new sections and a wealth of new powerpoint slides. The materials are specific to facilitating Mary Ellen’s WRAP workshop, Mental Health Recovery: Introduction to Recovery and WRAP and is not necessarily a resource to be used in developing other kinds of programs. However, some facilitators and programs are successfully using this Recovery/WRAP focus in combination with other programs.

This non-scripted program is based on years of research experience by Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD.

The curriculum package includes:

Section I: specific instructions on all aspects of setting up, implementing, adapting, and facilitating Mental Health Recovery including Wellness Recovery Action Plan workshops and seminars; values and ethics of doing this work, and preliminary course of study for anyone interested in becoming proficient in facilitating Mental Health Recovery and WRAP workshops and seminars;

Section II: thumbnail sketches of each slide included on the CD-ROM;

Section III: supporting activities, handouts, essays by Mary Ellen Copeland and other professionals, and discussion topics;

Section IV: a complete model for holding an 8-session WRAP group including a break-down of each session, supplies needed, timing, and advice; and

Section V: instructions for enhancing learning opportunities for participants with different learning styles

Designed for use in facilitating Mental Health Recovery and WRAP groups, the curriculum can also be used for working with individuals one-on-one.

This popular educational evidence-based curriculum presents an approach which is complementary to, but not a replacement for, other mental health treatment protocols. It is flexible and easily adaptable to meet different needs. A variety of formats, timelines, and activities are included. You will have at your disposal a thorough framework that will allow you to design a program that best meets your needs.

Revised 2012




English version: ISBN 978-0-9795560-1-2
Size 1.5″ binder containing 8 1/2″x 11″ sheets
Section 1 – 101 Pages, Section 2 – 100 Pages,
Section 3 – 169 Pages, Section 4 – 58 pages, Section 5 – 20
Spanish translation: ISBN 978-0-9848326-3-7