A Letter from Vinny

by Vinny

Hello Mary Ellen,

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for WRAP, it really has changed my life. I have lived with poor mental health all my life, I have as an adult, been diagnosed with multiple mental health disorders and up until the point at which I was introduced to WRAP, I was my disorders, not ‘”Vinny”. I was first introduced to WRAP in 2010 however, at that time my mental health was very poor and I was not able to see the benefits of WRAP. In fact, I thought this was another pen pushing exercise by Mental Health Services.

Despite my reservations about WRAP,  I was invited to attend an introduction to WRAP which I did attend and this was the start of the rest of my life. I enjoyed and benefited from WRAP so much I decide to take it a step further and went on to complete a 5 day Training for Facilitators Learning Program. The course itself was a life saver due to the fact that  I was admitted into the Rethink crisis house, and having the knowledge and empowerment of WRAP I took this opportunity to turn my life around. With my own strength, WRAP, and the chance to help others by completing the WRAP facilitator course, I was discharged after a week.  I started the course two weeks after that and managed to complete the course.

Where am I now? I have a home and a roof over my head, I am maintaining wellness as much as possible. My greatest achievement so far is my education and career path, I am into my second year of study at college to which I am hoping to progress onto University to study and train to be a nurse. I have stability, control and feel empowered, for once I feel like I’m in control and not my disorders controlling me. WRAP really has changed my life, I use it at college and it has been such a useful tool for my tutors to help support me and help me stay well. Thank you for developing WRAP, It is the best self help tool there is, so easy to use and adapt to any situation. Since I have introduced the college where I study to WRAP, there are plans to introduce WRAP into college.

Many thanks and stay well.  Vinny

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