App-Solutely for You

by Mary Ellen Copeland, Ph.D

The newly updated WRAP® App is now available! This gives you the ability to access your WRAP anytime, anywhere, in a quick and convenient way.

With the WRAP App, you can create your entire plan in an easy to review digital format. It walks helpful balloonyou through setting up your WRAP by following the straightforward prompts and guides you in using your WRAP day to day.

Want to share your WRAP with someone else? You choose whether to send a portion of your WRAP or the entire plan to whomever you wish. This can be a helpful tool for your supporters to reference when assistance is needed.
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With the WRAP App you can:

  • Develop a Wellness Toolbox
  • Create Daily Maintenance Plan
  • List Triggers and create an Action Plan
  • List Early Warning Signs and create an Action Plan
  • List When Things Are Breaking Down and create an Action Plan
  • Create a Crisis Plan
  • Create Post Crisis Plan

Use the WRAP App and take control. Your personalized action plans will help you feel better, get well, and stay well for life. The key to conquering life’s challenges is now in your hands with the WRAP App.

Here’s what people are saying about the new release of the WRAP App:

WRAPAPP“My WRAP is always with me. I am from the digital generation so this app is for me. A great tool that helps you help yourself.”

“WRAP – I’m glad I found this app, it makes it so much easier to have it greatapp balloonwith me all the time and on hand when I need it as I can’t carry the book with me at all times. Great for helping with mental health issues and how to deal with them… A++++”

The WRAP App allows you the convenience of accessing and updating your WRAP anytime and anywhere. It’s convenient and easy to use, leaving you secure in knowing it’s right at your fingertips.

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