The Copeland Center

The Copeland CenterThe Copeland Center is the world’s preeminent organization advancing the knowledge, skills, and values of the evidence-based recovery practice of WRAP. The Copeland Center is the only organization in the world which conducts the training required to become a certified Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator. The Copeland Center is a related but separate organization from WRAP and Recovery Books.

In 2003, Mary Ellen Copeland, along with other people in recovery and supportive allies, founded the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery to promote mental health recovery through education, training, and research based on WRAP. The Copeland Center was named in honor of and dedicated to the memory of  Mary  Ellen’s  mother – Kathryn  Strouse Copeland (1912-1994) – who overcome mental health challenges and was a lifelong inspiration to her daughter.

The Copeland Center handles all Facilitator Training and WRAP Group Inquiries

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